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What we do

CORBANA has extensive powers to act within the banana industry, and it promotes and develops the various areas, including production and marketing of the fruit.

Over time the endeavors of the Corporation have revolved around four main pillars, namely:

Technical Assistance to the Government
CORBANA provides technical assistance to the Government on banana-related matters, offers information on the general status of the industry and proposes policies that allow a long-term sustainability of this activity.

Promote Scientific Research

CORBANA has a Research Center that gathers experts in various areas of banana farming dedicated to scientific research, aimed at improving current agricultural practices and searching for new production alternatives.

The Corporation has laboratories specialized in nematology, biological control, plant pathology, soil chemistry and physiology, to name a few. CORBANA and its Research Center form part of a specialized international network that shares scientific data on a global basis and have also signed agreements with several European and U.S. universities.

Credits for Working Capital

With the banana companies’ contributions, CORBANA created a fund whose objective is providing credits for working capital to banana producers. These credits are offered at competitive interest rates and are managed by the Corporation.

Also available are special credit lines for the renovation of areas, projects, environmental infrastructure, and others.

Market Information

It is very important for CORBANA that banana producers have access to timely, reliable and updated information on the industry—both nationally and internationally. This information includes production data for each country, marketing of the fruit in the different markets, and the consumption trends worldwide.